January ANC 6B Meeting Recap

Last night, ANC 6B held its first meeting of the new term at Brent Elementary School. All 10 commissioners were in attendance. Here is a brief recap of major commission actions:

  • ANC 6B elected a new slate of officers. Commissioner Neil Glick (6B08) was elected chair, new Commissioner Ivan Frishberg (6B02) was elected vice chair, new Commissioner Jared Critchfield (6B06) was elected secretary, Commissioner Carol Green (6B07) was re-elected as treasurer, and yours truly was elected as parliamentarian.
  • Commissioners Ivan Frishberg and Brian Pate (6B05) asked that the commission add a new item to the agenda – a motion that ANC 6B send a letter to DC Public Schools Interim Chancellor Kaya Henderson in support of reopening Van Ness Elementary School (1150 5th Street SE). Commissioner Garrison objected to adding the item to the agenda, arguing that the request should go through the normal commission process for adding items to the agenda and that ANC 6B has not taken positions on education issues in the past. Commissioners Frishberg and Pate, along with Chairman Glick, noted that DCPS is expected to make an announcement on whether to re-open the school by Jan. 31 and said that the commission has taken similar action in past meetings. The commission voted to add the item to the agenda and, later on, voted to in favor of the motion to send the letter.
  • The commission voted to support the application of a liquor license for the Bavarian Beer Garden (720 L Street SE) provided the owner sign a voluntary agreement with ANC 6B to reduce his hours of operation and the hours for live entertainment during the week. Commissioners Garrison, Metzger, who voted against the motion, voiced concern about potential noise and questioned whether the establishment was in keeping with the long-term vision of lower 8th Street SE. Commissioner Oldenburg noted that since the site is in a historic district, the building owner will have to build a permanent building that will have to be reviewed by ANC 6B and approved by the Historic Preservation Review Board at a later date.
  • During the community speakout portion of the agenda, Eric Holzherr, owner of Wisdom (1432 Pennsylvania Ave. SE), asked for support in starting a neighborhood watch association in Hill East. I thanked Mr. Holzherr for his commitment to public safety and urged him to connect with the Barney Circle Neighborhood Watch Association and the other orange hat patrols in the neighborhood.
  • The next full commission meeting will be on Tuesday, February 8, 7 pm at Tyler Elementary School (1001 G Street SE).

The full meeting minutes will be posted on the ANC 6B website. A special thanks to my colleagues on the commission for electing me parliamentarian. And, of course, thanks to residents of 6B09 for electing me to the commission!
I’m looking forward to the year ahead.

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