ANC 6B March Meeting Recap

As I mentioned in my earlier post on ANC 6B’s approval of the Hill East Task Force, Tuesday’s full commission meeting was long…very long. Around 40-50 residents were in attendance, though the number dwindled as the hours went by. We gaveled in at 6:30 pm and adjourned around 10:30 pm.
Here are the highlights:

  • The commission unanimously approved a motion to allow Commissioners Brian Pate (6B05) and Norm Metzger (6B03) to testify on behalf of ANC 6B at a DC Council oversight hearing on the Department of Regulatory and Consumer Affairs (DCRA). ANC 6B wants to inform the DC Council about the flawed implementation process of the Fair Housing Act as it relates to construction at 1363 Massachusetts Avenue SE. Commissioner Pate testified at a March 9 hearing. View video of the testimony (go to 3/9/11, Pt. 2, Performance Oversight, Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs).
  • Councilmember Sekou Biddle (D-At Large) introduced himself during the community speakout and talked about his interest in public education. Residents also spoke about noise and trash concerns in the alleys around Barrack’s Row and plans to expand an enhanced parking program.
  • The commission passed our first consent agenda. While it did not significantly shorten our meeting, the consent agenda did clear the way for further discussion of more controversial issues.
  • On a 8-1-1 vote, ANC 6B voted to lift the commission’s protest of a liquor license for Pacifico, a new Barracks Row restaurant, after the owner, Xavier Cervera, agreed to sign a voluntary agreement. Commissioner Kirsten Oldenburg (6B04) voted against the motion and Commissioner Neil Glick (6B08) abstained. A group of neighbors who live on the blocks surrounding 8th Street SE plan to continue their protest of the liquor license with the DC Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board.
  • The commission unanimously voted to jointly hire an attorney with other protesting parties in the case of the proposed 8th Street Bar & Grill. ANC 6B is protesting the owner’s application for a tavern license and an entertainment endorsement.  The attorney will represent the protestants, including ANC 6B, during the protest hearing with the ABC Board. ANC 6B approved spending up to $750 on the attorney and approved a recommendation of a restaurant liquor license for the 8th Street Bar & Grill if the protest fails.
  • Chairman Glick announced the process for further consideration of the Hine Jr. High School site. ANC 6B will hold a special call meeting on the Hine project on Tuesday, March 15 from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm at St. Coletta’s School (1901 Independence Avenue SE). During the March 15 special call meeting, the site’s developer, Stanton-Eastbanc, will provide a one hour presentation about the project and will take questions from commissioners and the community.  No vote will be taken at the March 15 meeting. The commission will hold another special call meeting in April that will include a vote on a recommendation to the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB). The commission unanimously approved motions to request that HPRB delay consideration of the Hine case until April and to confirm the date/time/location of the March 15 special call meeting.
  • Commissioner Metzger announced that the Retail Mix Task Force had completed its work and delivered a final report and recommendations to the commission. One key recommendation – ANC 6B should oppose a moratorium on liquor licenses for Barracks Row. ANC 6B unanimously approved a motion thanking the resident members of the task force for their hard work and assigned various portions of the recommendations to various committees for consideration. You can view the task force final report on the ANC 6B website.
  • Commissioner Dave Garrison (6B01) provided an update on potential plans to expand the enhanced residential parking permit program north to East Capitol Street SE and east to 11th Street SE. The program limits parking on one side of the street to vehicles with Zone 6 stickers only. A few residents indicated their opposition to plans to expand the program, arguing that the process has not been open and voicing concern that the restrictions will be an inconvenience for social gatherings and visitors. You can read more about the program and the current boundaries on DDOT’s website.
  • In addition to approving the Hill East Task Force, the commission approved the creation of a transportation committee (10-0) and an outreach and constituency services task force (8-0, Commissioners Francis Campbell (6B10) and Oldenburg abstained).

Please post any comments or questions about the meeting below.

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