St. Patrick’s Day Quick Takes

    MPD Speed Display on 17th Street SE

  • A big thanks to MPD for placing an electronic speed display on 17th St. SE. While not a permanent solution to the speeding problem on 17th, the display will help slow some traffic down.  It is located by the Eastern Branch Boys & Girls Club at the corner of 17th St. SE and C St. SE.
  • Two important meetings tonight. DC Water is holding a Ward 6 Town Hall Meeting at Watkins Elementary School (420 12th St. SE) from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm. DC Water General Manager George Haskins and Councilmember Tommy Wells will be on hand to talk about water projects and answer your questions. Also, the monthly PSA 107 meeting is at 7:00 pm at Liberty Baptist Church (527 Kentucky Avenue SE). I’m going to try to attend a portion of both meetings.
  • At Tuesday’s Special Call Meeting on the Hine development, ANC 6B heard from a number of residents interested in Stanton-Eastbanc’s plans for the site. Residents with concerns about the design cited its proposed height on Pennsylvania and the massing of the proposed residential building on 8th Street SE. There were also residents and business owners who spoke out in favor of the design, noting that the residential units would include “empty nester” units for seniors. For two different viewpoints, read the recaps from Eastern Market Metro Community Association and Greater Greater Washington. Please e-mail me or post your comments on the project below. 
  • My NCAA March Madness Men’s Basketball Final Four predictions: Ohio State, Pitt, Kansas and Connecticut. 

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