PSA 107 July Meeting Recap

We had around 10-15 residents for last night’s PSA 107 meeting, not bad for a hot and muggy night in the middle of July. Here are the highlights:

  • New MPD First District Commander Daniel Hickson stopped by and introduced himself to residents. He said that it would take him about 3 months to get up to speed on all the personnel, resources and problem areas in the First District. Commander Hickson has been with MPD since 1973 and has held numerous positions in the department.
  • I asked Commander Hickson about the new boundaries for PSA 107 and whether MPD considered crime issues related to Reservation 13 when they decided to expand the PSA into NE. Commander Hickson said that the new PSA boundaries were drawn by Chief Lanier and former 1D Commander Kamperin and Res. 13 calls would have been included in the conversation. However, he did say that the DC Protective Services Police Department oversees safety and security at Res. 13 (Protective Services is separate from MPD). Thus, MPD does not report all crimes that happen on the site. Commander Hickson also said he would talk with Protective Services about releasing more statistics on crime at Res. 13.
  • Lt. Thornton reported that overall crime is down 16 percent year-to-date in PSA 107 when compared to 2010. Violent crime has seen a 32 percent reduction YTD while property crime is down 12 percent YTD.
  • While overall crime and violent crime are down, there has been a recent uptick in property crime, particularly thefts. The thefts vary from stolen bicycles to stolen items at stores. Lt. Thornton reiterated the importance of securing bicycles indoors.
  • Burglaries are up this year. There were two burglaries last month in PSA 107, both in the northern end of 6B09. In one instance, an individual(s) entered through an unlocked window. Please make sure all of your windows and doors are locked, even if you have a tall fence off your alley.
  • Residents voiced concern about some illegal activities taking place around the PSA. Both Commander Hickson and Lt. Thornton said they are aware of these issues and employing a variety of tactics to curb illegal activities. MPD is also working closely with the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) to make sure that individuals on parole or probation are not continuing to engage in illegal activities.
  • Lt. Thornton reported that officers have been ticketing drivers using the Barney Circle entrance to the SE/SW Freeway. He reminded residents that the access road is restricted to authorized vehicles only.
  • First District MPD will be providing food, drinks and fun for National Night Out, Tuesday, Aug. 2, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm. The festivities will be at 13th and E Sts. SE (PeterBug’s). Residents interested in volunteering on the event can contact Commissioner Carol Green (6B07).
  • The next PSA 107 meeting will be on Thursday, Sept. 15.

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