ANC Redistricting: Proposed Boundaries for my SMD

New ANC 6B SMD boundaries, as proposed and recommended by the Ward 6 Redistricting Task Force (photo courtesy of Larry Janezich, EMMCA).

Last night, the Ward 6 Redistricting Task Force voted on new ANC Single Member District (SMD) boundaries for ANC 6B. The proposed plan shifts the northern and eastern boundaries of my SMD, 6B09 (see photo).

Under the plan, the following blocks would shift from 6B09 to 6B10:

  • 200 block of 16th Street SE (eastern side)
  • 200 block of 17th Street SE (western side)
  • 1600 block of Massachusetts Ave. SE (northern side)
  • 1600 block of Independence Ave. SE (southern side)

The blocks below would shift from 6B10 to 6B09:

  • 1800 block of Potomac Avenue SE
  • 1800 block of D Street SE (southern side)

View the current boundaries for SMD 6B09.

Under the plan, the Congressional Cemetery, Barney Circle and the Eastern Branch Boys & Girls Club building would remain in 6B09. In addition, the new eastern boundary of 6B09 would border the DC Jail, though the jail itself will be in Ward 7.

Overall, I’m pleased that the task force did not make major changes to 6B09, though I am disappointed to lose my constituents in the north and that my SMD will be the smallest (by population) in the new ANC 6B. I am, however, happy that the eastern end of Independence Avenue SE will be united in one SMD, which should be helpful in tackling the speeding and traffic issues along that corridor.  Note that the new boundaries will not take effect until after the 2012 elections, so I will still represent the current 6B09 through next year.

The task force also voted 4-3 to keep Near Southeast (Nats Park, Yards Park, Capitol Quarter) with ANC 6D. You can read a brief recap of the meeting on the task force blog.

In September, the task force will present their proposed plan at each Ward 6 ANC meeting, including the ANC 6B meeting on Tues., Sept. 13. The task force will then submit their final plan to Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells and the DC Council in late September/early October.  

Again, thanks to all who urged the task force to keep Hill East with ANC 6B. And a big thanks to Chair Joe Fengler, former 6B09 Commissioner Antonette Russell and the rest of the Ward 6 Redistricting Task Force for their hard work.

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