ANC 6B December Meeting Recap

Last night, ANC 6B worked through a relatively light agenda during our monthly commission meeting. Here are the highlights:

  • The commission voted unanimously to support increasing the number of seats allowed in the 18th Amendment Bar & Grill’s sidewalk cafe after receiving written assurance from the owner that he would make sure the cafe was in full compliance with the law. Several commissioners noted that the current sidewalk cafe at the 18th Amendment (613 Pennsylvania Avenue SE) routinely encroaches on pedestrian space. DC law requires that there be at least 6 feet between a sidewalk cafe and an existing tree box. ANC 6B plans to ask the same of other establishments with sidewalk cafes to ensure that they are complying with the law.
  • ANC 6B took a position on the contentious internet gambling, or “iGaming” issue. The commission unanimously passed a resolution supporting the immediate repeal of the “Lottery Modernization Amendment Act of 2010” and a moratorium on further efforts to implement iGaming in DC until the DC Council considers the idea through its normal process (stand-alone bill, public hearing, etc.). Prior to the vote, commissioners removed specific references related to the substance of iGaming, deciding instead to focus on concerns related to the process by which the original legislation was passed. Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells and Councilmember Phil Mendelson have introduced legislation that would repeal iGaming.
  • A bill before the DC Council that would require notification to Advisory Neighborhood Commissions of potential community-based residential facilities that will be located in their commission area received unanimous support. The commission will also request that the bill be amended to provide for 60-day notice instead of 30-day notice. The DC Council’s Committee on Aging and Community Affairs will hold a hearing on the bill on Monday, Dec. 19.
  • On a 9-0 vote, the commission supported a request by the owner of 1200 Potomac Avenue SE for two variances to open a coffee shop and pet supply store in an area zoned residential.
  • ANC 6B unanimously supported sending a letter to the DC Department of General Services requesting that the department review how it is enforcing the District’s 2008 Lead Rule. Commissioner Brian Pate (6B05) drafted the letter after learning of an incident where a contractor working at Maury Elementary School may have failed to follow appropriate procedures.
  • I provided a brief recap of the recent Hill East Task Force meeting on the future of the Eastern Branch Building.
  • I also announced the formation of a working group to do a comprehensive review of ANC 6B’s bylaws. The working group will be charged with recommending changes that will update, streamline and strengthen the commission’s bylaws. As ANC 6B’s Parliamentarian, I’ll be in charge of managing the working group and will post the dates and times of working group meetings. If you are interested in helping with this effort, please let me know.
  • The commission will be holding a Special Call Meeting on Monday, Dec. 19, 7 pm at the Theater Church (535 8th Street SE) to consider and vote on a resolution pertaining to Councilmember Tommy Well’s Eastern Market governance legislation.

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