PSA 108 January Meeting Recap

There was a nice turnout of around 15-20 residents for last night’s inaugural PSA 108 meeting. Here is a brief recap:

  • Since the PSA now stretches north of East Capitol Street,  MPD Lt. Michael Thornton welcomed residents of Northeast and the former PSA 103 to the meeting. Lt. Thornton said that he and his officers have been researching issues and talking to residents in Northeast. A map of the new PSA boundaries is included in this month’s PSA 108 newsletter (pdf).
  • PSA 108 has kept almost all of the officers who served in the former PSA 107 and added officers from the former PSA 103. PSA 108 has more officers than the former PSA 107. PSA 108 also has an officer patrolling on a segway and continues to use mountain bike units.
  • Theft from auto continues across Capitol Hill. While most recent activity has been focused in the new PSA 107, PSA 108 has had fourteen theft from auto incidents this year. Lt. Thornton said that theft from auto incidents occur during both the day and night and tend to cluster in particular areas – typically a four block radius.
  • Individuals have stolen GPS devices, laptops and loose change from vehicles. 75 percent of the theft from auto cases last December in PSA 107 involved GPS devices. Lt. Thornton encouraged residents to remove GPS devices (and evidence of GPS devices) from their vehicles. He also warned that a recurring theft from auto offender has just been released from jail.
  • Attendees had a “spirited” conversation about the placement of MPD’s photo enforcement vehicle on Independence Ave. A few residents suggested that the camera would be more effective if placed at or before St. Coletta School instead of at its current location after the school. Lt. Thornton replied that MPD’s photo enforcement unit conducted a number of studies and determined that the current placement is the best location for the camera. He also noted that moving the camera closer to St. Coletta would interfere with school bus parking and the bus lane. He did say he would share resident concerns with the photo enforcement unit.
  • Since PSA 108 is a new PSA, Lt. Thornton did not have any year-to-date crime comparison data. However, he did share that between Dec. 20, 2011 and Jan. 18, 2012, overall crime declined 36 percent in the PSA compared with the previous 30 days. While violent crime was up a bit, Lt. Thornton explained that the uptick was due to four incidents at the DC Jail. Property crime declined 47 percent between Dec. 20 and Jan. 18 compared with the previous 30 days.
  • Since Jan. 1, there have been four burglaries in PSA 108. All involved individuals breaking into homes through a rear entrance. A couple of burglaries have taken place in 6B09.
  • Lt. Thornton reminded residents to call 911 if they see any suspicious activity. If you are unsure about an individual or situation, you should always call 911.
  • The next PSA 108 meeting will be on Thursday, Feb. 16, 7pm at Liberty Baptist Church, 527 Kentucky Avenue SE.

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