ANC 6B March Meeting Recap

Reservation 13, Hine, Acqua al 2 and a host of other issues were discussed during the Tues., March 13 meeting of ANC 6B. Here are the highlights:

  • During the community speakout, ANC 7A Chair Villareal Johnson (7A07) introduced himself and expressed his commission’s desire to work with ANC 6B on Reservation 13. As a result of ward redistricting, Reservation 13, the site of the former DC General Hospital, is now in Ward 7.  ANC 7A (to be renamed ANC 7F next year) is set to have Reservation 13 added to its commission area in 2013. Commissioner Neil Glick (6B08) and I thanked Commissioner Johnson for allowing us to discuss Reservation 13 with attendees at the March 6 ANC 7A meeting.
  • The commission unanimously (9-0) a resolution (pdf) urging Mayor Gray and the DC Council to support mixed-use development at Reservation 13. I also announced that the Reservation 13 community meeting with Mayor Gray would be on Thursday, March 22, 7 pm – 9 pm at the DC Armory (2001 East Capitol Street SE) and that the Hill East Task Force will host a Reservation 13 informational meeting on Monday, March 19, 7 pm – 8:30 pm at St. Coletta of Greater Washington (1901 Independence Avenue SE).
  • Patricia Zingsheim of the DC Office of Planning presented potential plans to transform one of the old spans of the 11th Street bridge into a recreational space. Ms. Zingsheim emphasized that OP is only discussing the idea and no decisions have been made. She also mentioned that there is a community meeting scheduled to discuss the concept on Wed., March 28, 6:30 pm at 1100 4th Street SW.
  • After a lengthy discussion, ANC 6B unanimously approved Acqua Al 2’s (212 7th Street SE) request to modify their liquor license to allow expanded second  floor seating and increased hours of operation. Acqua Al 2’s owner signed a voluntary agreement that addressed trash and noise concerns raised by neighbors. The commission is working with the DC Department of Public Works and the DC Department of Transportation to add signage and step up enforcement behind the restaurant so that delivery trucks do not block homeowner access to the alley.
  • The commission unanimously voted in favor of a resolution (pdf) stating that ANC 6B will not support the sale of two-packs and three-packs of beer, ale and malt liquor unless the licensee applies for, and the ANC supports, a single sales exemption. ANC 6B also dropped the protest of Pennsylvania Avenue Market (1501 Pennsylvania Avenue SE) after the owner agreed to sign a voluntary agreement that prohibits the sale of two-packs and three-packs at the store.
  • With the Hine School Planned Unit Development (PUD) process underway, ANC 6B voted to support preliminary recommendations on design changes (8-1)  and community amenities and benefits (9-0). The ANC 6B Hine Subcommittee report (pdf) includes details on the recommendations.
  • New resident members were unanimously approved for the Hill East and Outreach & Constituent Services Task Forces. Congratulations to Sharon Raimo (6B05) on being appointed to the Hill East Task Force and Bradley Kading (6B04) for being appointed to the Outreach and Constituent Services Task Force.
  • Commissioner Brian Pate (6B05), chair of the Outreach and Constituent Services Task Force, provided a brief recap of task force accomplishments in 2011. He noted the improved ANC 6B website and thanked 6B09 resident member Darren Cole for his work on the site.
  • The commission voted 8-0 with 1 abstention to support the addition of a weekday farmers’ line to be planned and coordinated by the Eastern Market manager.
  • A new position description and contract for the ANC 6B executive director was also approved 8-1. I thanked ANC 6B Chair Jared Critchfield (6B06) for leading the effort to update a contract and position description that was more than a decade old.
  • The April ANC 6B commission meeting will be on Tuesday, April 10, 7pm at the Hill Center.

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