Big Weekend at Congressional Cemetery

Historic Congressional Cemetery is hosting two big events this weekend.

  • On Saturday, May 4, the Cemetery is hosting Sousa Palooza, a tribute to the great American conductor and composer John Philip Sousa. Attendees can participate in a scavenger hunt, participate in a free docent-led tour and enjoy musical performances throughout the day. The event runs from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Should be a great time!
  • On Sunday, May 5, the Cemetery will host another Notes from the Crypt chamber music concert at 4:00 pm at the Chapel. Tickets, which are $20 ($15 for students and seniors), can be purchased online or at the door. Proceeds go to the Association for the Preservation of the Historic Congressional Cemetery. I highly recommend attending this concert – its a great way to end a beautiful weekend.

Finally, Congressional Cemetery is competing with 24 local historic sites to win a $65,000 grant in the Partners in Preservation program. You can help the Cemetery win a grant by voting each day until May 10 at You can also earn additional points for the Cemetery by using social media to encourage others to vote.  

Thanks for supporting Congressional Cemetery!

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