How You Can Support Frager’s

The Capitol Hill community is rallying around Frager’s Hardware and its employees in the aftermath of yesterday’s fire. The really good news is that store employees and customers made it out of the building without injury. We owe a big thanks to the firefighters who helped to ultimately put out the fire (three firefighters were injured but expected to fully recover).

The other good news is that Frager’s has insurance, plans to rebuild and (via CharlesAllenDC) will be using the old temporary site of Eastern Market to sell garden items this weekend.

Obviously, Frager’s, its employees and the other four businesses located in the Frager’s building will need our support as the rebuilding process begins. The Capitol Hill Community Foundation has created a special fund to provide help as needed in the aftermath of the Frager’s fire. You can visit the community foundation’s website to make a tax-deductible contribution. Soon there will be a dedicated “Friends of Frager’s” website that will direct visitors to the community foundation’s donation page.

In addition, Julia Christian, Capitol Hill resident and COO of the Anacostia Playhouse. has set up a Frager’s Fire Fund. Proceeds from the fund will go directly to Frager’s owner John Weintraub. Contributions to this fund are not tax-deductible.

If you can, please contribute to the rebuilding efforts of this beloved Capitol Hill institution. I’ll post further updates as new information becomes available.

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