ANC 6B April Meeting Recap

Around 25 attendees joined ANC 6B for the commission’s April 8 meeting at the Hill Center. Here is a brief recap:

  • ANC 6B voted 10-0 to send formal comments (pdf) to the DC Office of Planning regarding the agency’s plans to do a three-month planning study to inform the District Department of Transportation’s Barney Circle/Southeast Boulevard project. OP is conducting the planning exercise at the request of Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells and ANC 6B. The commission’s comments ask OP to expand the scope of the area being studied, examine concepts beyond the 4-lane boulevard concepts presented by DDOT and provide an opportunity for the ANC to weigh in on the study’s recommendations for DDOT.
  • After listening to a presentation by the Homeless Children’s Playtime Project’s Joel Schwarz, the commission voted unanimously to  send a letter (pdf) to the city asking that the appropriate agencies work with the Playtime Project to find an appropriate location for a playground. While the commission supports a moveable playground for the 600+ children living at DC General,  the letter makes it clear that the commission continues to strongly support the closing of the temporary shelter. The Playtime Project has secured funding from local businesses for the playground.
  • The commission unanimously appointed Molly Singer and Pat Taylor to serve as resident members on the ANC 6B Hill East Task Force. Both Molly and Pat contributed greatly in their new roles during the task force’s April 9 meeting on the Eastern Branch Building.
  • Scott Kratz, project director of the 11th Street Bridge Park, presented an overview of plans to turn one of the old spans of the 11th Street bridge into an outdoor venue for recreation, education and the arts. Kratz said that his organization just launched a nationwide design competition for the project. You can read more at
  • Commissioner Brian Pate (6B05), chair of ANC 6B’s Outreach and Constituent Services Task Force, provided an update on ANC 6B’s priority list  of vacant and blighted properties and summarized a recent task force meeting with representatives of the DC Office of Tax and Revenue.
  • The commission voted unanimously to send a letter (pdf) supporting the Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee’s nomination of Eastern Market for a Committee of 100 on the Federal City’s 2014 Vision Award.
  • The commission voted unanimously to c0-host Mayor Gray’s Ward 6 FY15 Budget Town Hall taking place on Mon., April 21, 6:30  pm – 8:30 pm at Capitol Hill Montessori School at Logan, 215 G Street NE.
  • ANC 6B’s May meeting will be on Tuesday, May 13, 7:00 pm at the Hill Center.

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