DMPED Schedules Res. 13/Hill East Surplus Meeting for Oct. 29

The Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development’s Office will hold a property surplus meeting for parcels F1 & G1 of the Hill East Development (Reservation 13) on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 6-8 pm at St. Coletta of Greater Washington (1901 Independence Ave SE).

Currently, DMPED is negotiating a land disposition agreement with Donatelli/Blue Skye, the development team awarded the right to develop parcels F1 & G1 (phase I). Since the parcels are District property, the parcels must be declared surplus property – property not required for a future public (city) purpose. The Oct. 29 meeting is required by law and is an opportunity for DMPED to receive public feedback and comments on the District’s plans to surplus the parcels. All comments, including written comments received by Nov. 10, 2014, will be submitted to the Council for its consideration.

DMPED’s scheduling of a surplus meeting is a positive development and suggests that the city and development team are making progress in their negotiations. Hopefully, the land disposition agreement will be considered by the Council by the end of the year.

One Response to DMPED Schedules Res. 13/Hill East Surplus Meeting for Oct. 29

  1. Chris says:

    Great to see this moving along, even a little bit! Does this seem like the DPMED is in favor of surplussing the parcels? I’m wondering if there’s a possibility this could derail the process, and if it makes sense to have a show of public support for the project at the 10/29 meeting.

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