ANC 6B June Meeting Recap

Apologies for the delay in posting this recap of a very brief June ANC 6B meeting. Here are the highlights:

  • The commission unanimously passed a resolution honoring the life of Charnice Milton, a local reporter with Capital Community News and the Hill Rag who was tragically gunned down on her way home from the May Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee meeting. A tremendous loss for the community.
  • ANC 6B unanimously approved sending a letter (pdf) to the District Department of Transportation sharing concerns about media comments made by a DDOT representative on the purpose of the Southeast Boulevard project. In the letter, the commission also reiterates ANC 6B’s expectation that DDOT remains committed to seeing the full vision of the Barney Circle-Southeast Boulevard project come to fruition.
  • The commission voted unanimously to send a letter to Events DC outlining concerns about the transportation plan and parking enforcement related to the July 4 Foo Fighters concert at RFK Stadium. These questions were addressed during a June 15 Events DC community outreach meeting.
  • The commission heard a presentation from Chris Geldart, interim director of the DC Office of Unified Communications on 911 call center operations. Geldart talked about how the call center works and addressed concerns raised by commissioners and residents regarding specific incidents in the neighborhood. Geldart noted that residents should stay on the line if they are put on hold when calling 911 and that callers are put on hold only if the center notes that their call is coming from an area with high call volume (likely due to the same incident). Hold times are very short.
  • The commission also received an update on the progress of the Hine School redevelopment project across from Eastern Market.
  • ANC 6B’s July meeting will be on Tues., July 14, 7 pm at the Hill Center.

One Response to ANC 6B June Meeting Recap

  1. Sharon Bernier says:

    Hi Brian, I wonder if you know what the plan is for the Payne School? Thanks, Sharon Bernier

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