ANC 6B November Meeting Recap

It was great to be back at the Hill Center (formerly known as the Old Naval Hospital) for our monthly commission meeting. Around 40 residents packed the Benjamin Drummond Room Tuesday night as the commission discussed redistricting, Reservation 13 and liquor license renewals. Here are the highlights:

  • Councilmember Michael Brown (I-At-Large) shared his thoughts on ANC redistricting, Reservation 13 and Statehood. Commissioner Francis Campbell (6B10) reiterated his concerns about the DC Council’s decision to move Reservation 13 to Ward 7 and urged the Councilmember to support the master development plan for the site approved by the Council and the neighborhood. I also shared my concerns with the Councilmember about plans to build a Redskins training facility on Reservation 13. He assured attendees that discussions around a training facility were in an “exploratory” phase and that he fully supported a mix of uses for the site. I encouraged Councilmember Brown to work closely with ANC 6B and Hill East residents in the coming months.
  • Councilmember Brown was also asked by Commissioner Jared Critchfield (6B06) about internet gaming (iGaming) legislation and the process by which it was enacted. Brown said that iGaming was passed in an open and transparent manner, and that the goal of the legislation is to raise revenue and ensure that an unregulated activity was regulated in DC. He also reminded attendees that the Ward 6 iGaming community meeting will take place on Monday, Nov. 21, 6:30 pm at the Eastern Market North Hall. Councilmember Brown also talked about his efforts on DC Statehood and provided a quick briefing on some of the budget challenges facing the DC Council.
  • As part of the consent agenda, ANC 6B unanimously approved sending a letter to Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier requesting that MPD deploy new photo enforcement technology on 17th Street SE. The letter also urges the DC Council to approve the contract for the new photo equipment expeditiously. During commission announcements, I thanked my colleagues and 17th Street SE residents for supporting this effort and for their continued advocacy with the city and MPD on 17th Street speeding. MPD expects the DC Council to consider the contract soon. ANC 6B’s Letter to Chief Lanier on 17th Street SE (pdf). 
  • District Department of Transportation Deputy Project Manager Matthew Marcou, who oversees public space permitting at the agency, said that DDOT is in the process of correcting problems related to ANC notification of pending public space permits. Commissioners told Marcou about numerous instances where ANC 6B received notice of pending public space permit application after DDOT had already approved the permit. Marcou said the agency is committed to fixing the problem. In response to a question by Commissioner Carol Green (6B07), Marcou said that the DDOT Public Space Committee gives individuals three opportunities to show up to a hearing on their case. Commissioners gnerally felt this “3 strikes and your out” policy was unreasonable, particularly since it inconveniences concerned neighbors who have to attend multiple hearings on the same case.
  • The commission voted to protest liquor license renewals for the Pennsylvania Avenue Market (1501 Pennsylvania Avenue SE) and the 7th & L Street Market on issues related to peace, order and quiet and clear violations of voluntary agreements with ANC 6B. The cases will likely head to mediation stage, where the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration, ANC 6B and the owners will try to come to an agreement on how concerns can be addressed at the establishments. If no agreement can be reached, the liquor license renewals will ultimately be decided by the ABC Board.
  • I shared new information on complaints I had received from residents about  Southeast Market (1500 Independence Avenue SE), which is located in Commissioner Neil Glick’s district (6B08). While the owner appears to be complying with the terms of his voluntary agreement,  I noted that the store is selling two-packs of beer as a way to get around the singles ban. The owner agreed to review an updated voluntary agreement that would prohibit the selling of “two-packs” at the store. The commission voted to support the liquor license renewal pending the owner’s signature on the updated voluntary agreement. If the owner decides not to sign the agreement, the commission will protest the liquor license renewal.
  • During the Hill East Task Force report, the commission unanimously approved a letter to the DC Protective Services Police Department requesting crime statistics from Reservation 13 (Protective Services is in charge of security and safety at Res. 13). In the letter, ANC 6B is also requesting that Protective Services work with MPD to provide updated Res. 13 crime statistics at monthly PSA 107 meetings. Letter Seeking Data on Reservation 13 (pdf).
  • ANC 6B unanimously approved an amended resolution on ANC redistricting. In the resolution, which will be sent to the full DC Council, ANC 6B voices support for Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells’ decision to keep the boundary between ANC 6B and ANC 6C at East Capitol Street. ANC 6B also supports a seventh commissioner for ANC 6C. ANC 6B’s Revised ANC Redistricting Resolution (pdf).
  • ANC 6B’s December meeting will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 13, 7 pm at the Hill Center.

Please post any comments or questions below.

2 Responses to ANC 6B November Meeting Recap

  1. John Cochran says:

    Brian, I’ve appreciated these regular recaps of yours. They’re informative and always even-handed and complete.

  2. David Schneider says:

    I just started reading them, and wanted to say as a concerned neighbor who can’t always make it to the meetings, I too appreciate the recap… and will be forwarding the link to my other neighbors.

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