Eastern Branch Open House Photos

We had a great turnout for Saturday’s Eastern Branch Building Open House. Thanks to all who were able to join us. If you couldn’t make it out, you can view the 50+ photos I took of the building.

Here are links to the two handouts we distributed on Saturday:

Over the next month or so, we hope to schedule a follow up meeting to gather additional input from the community on future uses. We also may try to schedule another open house in the coming months.

Thanks to the Mayor’s Office, the DC Department of General Services and the Office of Councilmember Tommy Wells for making the open house possible. Also, a big thanks to Chuck Burger, chair of Councilmember Wells’ Eastern Branch Task Force, and all of our tour guides on Saturday.

One Response to Eastern Branch Open House Photos

  1. Frank Zampatori says:

    Great photos of the Eastern Branch.

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