Tonight’s ANC 6B Planning and Zoning Committee Agenda

ANC 6B’s Planning & Zoning Committee has a packed agenda for tonight’s 7:00 pm meeting at St. Coletta of Greater Washington (1901 Independence Avenue SE). Here are the cases:

  • BZA # 18364, 717 8th Street SE, variances from rear yard requirements and parking requirements of historic buildings to allow an addition to an existing building for retail, office, and restaurant use in the CHC/C-2-A district
  • BZA # 18363, 1116 I Street SE, special exception for a rear addition to a one-family semi-detached dwelling not meeting the lot occupancy, court, and nonconforming structure requirements
  • HPA # 12-315, 1116 I Street SE, concept: demolition and construction of rear addition
  • HPA # 12-314, 309 7th Street SE, Yarmouth Realty, permit: digital display box in front yard (public space)
  • PS # 69777, 224 7th Street SE, Boxcar Restaurant, 79 square foot unenclosed sidewalk café with three tables, six seats, and two umbrellas
  • PS # 70653, 666 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Le Pain Quotidien, installation of 20 additional seats and 10 tables for Café Permit #B469507 (14 seats on Pennsylvania Avenue and 8 seats on 7th Street) without umbrellas or railings
  • PS # 69955, 514 8th Street SE, Pacifico, 364 square foot unenclosed sidewalk café with 12 tables, 24 chairs, and six umbrellas
  • DC National Guard Annual Land Component Commander Run, 15 September 2012, DC Armory at 19th Street to 11th Street and back along East Capitol Street
  • BZA # 18352, Frager’s Hardware, 1113-1117 and 1123 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, variance for use to allow for the outdoor display / sale of seasonal merchandise and storage accessory to a retail store in the R-4 (rear) portion of Lots 44 and 838 in a CHC/C-2-A and R-4 district

Given the agenda, the Frager’s case will likely be heard after 8:00 pm.

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