Friday Updates: Birds, Vacant Property, PeterBug Day Parade

  • The birds are back on the 1600 block of Potomac Avenue SE, and, unfortunately, the city is not doing anything to address the problem. Every May and June, thousands of starlings roost in the large trees on Potomac Avenue during the early evening and early morning hours. The sidewalk and cars get absolutely covered in bird waste, and the odor is a major health hazard. It was so bad three years ago that the postal service ceased delivering mail to homes on the block due to health concerns. The Mayor’s Office has known about this problem for over a year, yet there is no plan for addressing the issue. I am working with residents to push the city to find a solution and will continue to post updates.
  • ANC 6B’s Outreach and Constituent Service Task Force will talk vacant properties with Rueben Pemberton, director of the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) Vacant Property Unit , on Wednesday, May 23, 7 pm at the Hill Center (921 Pennsylvania Avenue SE). To prepare for the meeting, I’m doing an inventory of all the vacant buildings in 6B09. Please let me know if you have a vacant property on your block. You can also e-mail to report the property directly to DCRA.
  • The Friends of Watkins and Buchanan Parks are hosting the 35th Annual PeterBug Day Parade and Festival this Saturday, May 19. The parade begins at 10:00 am  at 18th and E Streets SE near the main entrance to Congressional Cemetery (lineup begins at 9:30 am). The parade will feature marching bands, Congressional Cemetery dogwalkers, antique cars, etc. and will end at 13th Street SE (PeterBug Matthews Way and E Street SE). The festival will be from 12:00 noon to 6:30 pm at 13th and E Streets SE. You can e-mail John “PeterBug” Matthews at if you would like to participate in the parade.

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