Reservation 13: AG Declines to Provide Written Opinion to ANC 6B

During ANC 6B’s May 15 special call meeting on Reservation 13, the commission passed a resolution (pdf) that included a request that the Office of Attorney General provide  a written legal opinion on the litigation risks associated with the District immediately seeking Best and Final Offers from the two development teams that responded to the 2010 request for BAFOs on parcels F1 and G1.

In a May 23 letter (pdf), Attorney General Irvin Nathan notified that the commission that his office has declined the commission’s request, stating that “my office is not in a position to share with third parties, or the public at large, the nature of its internal legal advisory communications with District agencies.” The Attorney General did confirm that his office had been in “consultation” with the Deputy Mayor’s Office for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) on the Hill East Waterfront.

The next step is to ask DMPED to provide a copy of the written opinion they received from the Office of Attorney General. During the May 15 meeting, Deputy Mayor Hoskins said he would be happy to provide such an opinion. I’m looking forward to reviewing it.

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