Volunteer to Serve as an ANC 6B Resident Member

Are you interested in volunteering to serve on an ANC 6B committee or task force? I’m seeking 6B09residents to serve as resident members on the following ANC 6B committees/task forces:

  • Alcoholic Beverage Control Committee
  • Planning and Zoning Committee
  • Hill East Task Force
  • Outreach & Constituent Services Task Force

Each Commissioner can recruit one resident member per committee and multiple resident members for task forces. Resident members must reside in the Commissioner’s Single Member District.

Service as a resident member involves attending monthly committee or task force meetings, listening to cases, participating in discussion and voting on recommendations to the full commission. ANC 6B recently amended our bylaws to allow resident members a vote in committee.

Here is a listing of ANC 6B’s committees/task forces and their leadership:

Planning and Zoning Committee
Purpose: Considers historic preservation, zoning and public space cases.
Meeting Schedule: 1st Tuesday of the month (except August)
Chair: Commissioner Francis Campbell (6B10)

Alcoholic Beverage Control Committee
Purpose: Considers requests and renewals for liquor licenses or substantial changes to existing liquor licenses. Negotiates settlement agreements with establishments.
Meeting Schedule: 1st Thursday of the month (except August)
Chair: Commissioner Sara Loveland (6B07)

Transportation Committee
Purpose: Advise on transportation issues on the Hill. Develop and recommend improvements to the Performance Parking Pilot (PPP) and expenditure of related budgets.
Meeting Schedule: 1st Wednesday of the month (except August)
Chair: Commissioner Kirsten Oldenburg (6B04)
Note: Keith Smith serves as the 6B09 resident member on the transportation committee.  

Outreach & Constituent Services
Purpose: Develop and implement methods to increase resident participation. Review and improve ANC technology usage.
Meeting Schedule: 3rd Wednesday of the month (except August)
Chair: Commissioner Brian Pate (6B05)
Note: Darren Cole serves as a 6B09 resident member on the O&CS Task Force. 

Hill East Task Force
Purpose: Address issues specific to the Hill East area, such as Reservation 13 and development around the Potomac Avenue metro.
Meeting Schedule: As scheduled by the chair.
Chair: Brian Flahaven (6B09)

If you are interested in representing 6B09 on a committee or task force, please contact me at brianf6b09@anc6b.org or 202-744-1854. I hope to bring the names of resident member candidates before the full commission in September. Once approved, resident members serve for a period of one year (typically February to February).

Thank you for considering this opportunity to strengthen our neighborhood and ANC 6B.

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