The New ANC 6B and 6B09

Its a new year and term for Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6B. Last week, commissioners were sworn in at Jan. 2 ceremony at the Washington Convention Center. Four new commissioners join six returning commissioners on ANC 6B. Here is the roster (new commissioners in bold):ANC 6B Boundaries

  • 6B01: Dave Garrison
  • 6B02: Ivan Frishberg
  • 6B03: Phil Peisch
  • 6B04: Kirsten Oldenburg
  • 6B05: Brian Pate
  • 6B06: Nichole Opkins
  • 6B07: Sara Loveland
  • 6B08: Chander Jayaraman
  • 6B09: Brian Flahaven
  • 6B10: Francis Campbell

Three of the four new commissioners represent Single Member Districts (SMDs) located fully or partially in Hill East. And Commissioner Francis Campbell (6B10), beginning his sixth term, is now the longest serving commissioner on ANC 6B.

Redistricting also has changed the eastern boundaries of ANC 6B. Since the DC Jail is no longer in Ward 6, ANC 6B has lost one SMD, 6B11, which encompassed the jail. Same with Reservation 13, which is no longer in SMD 6B10. Both Res. 13 and the DC Jail are now in the new SMD 7F07.

The new boundaries of ANC 6B09

The new boundaries of ANC 6B09

The boundaries of my SMD, 6B09, have also moved slightly south and to the east. 6B09 now includes the 1800 blocks of Potomac Avenue SE, D Street SE and the southern side of the 1800 block of Massachusetts Avenue SE. Three blocks north of Massachusetts Avenue SE previously in 6B09 – the eastern side of the 200 block of 16th Street SE, the southern side of the 1600 block of Independence Avenue SE and the western side of the 200 block of 17th Street SE – are now in 6B10 and represented by Commissioner Campbell.

The first full ANC 6B meeting of 2013 is this Tuesday, Jan. 8, 7 pm at the Hill Center (921 Pennsylvania Avenue SE). In addition to the election of officers and approval of the 2013 meeting calendar and commission standing rules, commissioners will be deciding whether to support a new primary and urgent care facility across from Eastern Market and a variance request to allow construction of a three story residential building at the currently vacant 1311 Pennsylvania Avenue SE. View the meeting agenda.

I’m looking forward to working with both my new and returning colleagues, as well as my new and returning constituents, in the coming year.

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